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Using the SearchBox


How do I make the options resulting from a search through the “SearchBox” viable to click on - and get an effect from clicking on it?

By default the values returned by the SearchBox are clickable. So you don’t need to add any action or do anything.
You can simply get and use the currently selected option by calling SearchBoxA’s value (where SearchBox A is the name of your search box).

But how can I then control what the click leads to?

I want the SearchBox to search for usernames, and then when options comes up, you can click on the searched username and get navigated to the username’s profile page.

Oh i get your point now.
You can use an event in the workflow for when the value in the SearchBox changes value.
Got to the workflow tab. Then click on an empty event, then select Element, An input’s value is changed. Then select your SearchBox in the element dropdown list.
Finally you can add an action: Navigation > Go to page …

Happy Bubbling :smiley:

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