Search filter with 7 different filters

I am building a web app with the sole purpose of finding people who share similar traits to yourself.

On sign up, users select their:

  • gender
  • country of birth
  • hair colour
  • eye colour
  • university
  • school
  • interests (they can have between 1 and 30 interests that they select from a list of 30 predefined interests)

The current user can then go to the search page (which initially just shows a list of every user in a repeating group). They can then choose to filter this by the 7 filters mentioned above to find people with the same gender and/or same hair colour and/or same country of birth and/or same eye colour and/or same school and/or share interest 1 and/or share interest 2 and/or share interest 3, … share last interest and/or same university.

I was wondering how to achieve this without having 60+ conditionals on my repeating group for if that particular search filter is empty or not empty alongside every other filter?

Thanks in advance!

You should be able to do this with a single search. Just make sure the Ignore empty constraints is checked.

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Thanks for that! I didn’t realise there was the option to ignore empty constraints. I’m still not quite sure as to how to make it so that:

  • originally the repeating group displays all users
  • There are ~10 buttons i.e. one for each filter
  • when a user clicks a button, it then filters the repeating group by the filter the user has applied
  • if a user clicks multiple buttons it filters by multiple filters

Cheers again

Use the Search and Autocorrect feature to make your site even more User Friendly.

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Thanks for that, I read your linked post and it said if you have ~20k records there is no point using search and autocorrect feature?? The site I’m building would eventually (if successful) have ~20k records.

My suggestion, if your site has more than 20K than you should switch to Algolia. Alot of startups with alot of records use it. The only issue is that it does require coding experience.

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