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Search for keywords in several data fields

I was able to build a search function for key words which is working fine for single data fields.
However, I’m struggling to improve my search function in the way that a key word is being searched in several data fields.
It’s easy to implement an “AND” function (just adding two or more constraints), but how to implement an “OR” function? Meaning that the search function returns a data item as soon as the key word is contained in one of the fields.
Would be great to get some support of you guys.

You have 2 options there:

  1. Do a search in all the fields: for this pick ‘any field’ in the dropdown to define the constraint
  2. While you can’t do OR, you can merge searches. Just have one search for field 1, then pick ‘merged with’ after the search, and design a search 2 for the second field.
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Thanks, Option 1 is exactly what I was looking for … too easy :slight_smile:

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