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(I guess it’s a rookie question)
I have a form that I’m building for quite some time now. The process I’m trying to build is:

1- Once a day, a request is made to an external API. The data received should overwrite and populate a list of texts. In terms of structure, I have 1 object “thing” that contains a list - that’s that.
2- When a user uses the form I want him to select a few items from that list of texts
For the sake of UX, I have an input field tied to a RG so when the user types text, the repeating group should show him a filtered list based on what he typed

1- how do I create such a process?
2- how do I filter based on list of texts?

It is quite hard to picture what you want without an example, but I would look to create a list and store it as a custom state as part of a workflow.

to make it simple -
I have a thing in my db that only has one field - a list of texts

I’m showing this list of text in a repeating group

Now, I want the user to be able to filter the list of text when he types to display “finish” (only) when he inputs the word “finish”

this is my current workflow:

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