Find elements attached to a custom state

Hi everyone,
I am using a lot of custom states in my application. Unfortunately I have a custom state that I cannot remember the elements using it in the conditions. Is there a way to find the elements associated with a particular custom state?


Some folks place all their custom states on the page … or in a popup they never open that holds them. This way they can be found easily.

Hint: I am one of them :wink:

Thanks this is the same thing I do. I place all my custom states on the page. However, when I use the states on elements. The problem now is that I am looking for the element(a group I guess) that I have use the states to change its condition.

That is one way to do it.

After having so much trouble finding things … in my case I realized that naming states as literally as possible and placing them in a common location across pages works like a charm.

Using a hidden popup for data holding groups, states, plugins, reusable elements, can also be useful to make notes to yourself about what is going on.

Thanks again. I will adopt the habit of naming them correctly. But for now, I have to keep looking as I have not found the element using the state. :frowning:

In an expression if you hover over that custom state and right click … you can reveal the element that holds that custom state

That’s true in an expression. But in the element holding the state, it does not show.