Dropdown that you can type in and get search results

Hello is there a way to have a search that is a drop down?

Like I want to search a name in my people database and I want the dropdown to search the name as I type it. I can not find a dropdown search solution.

You can use a searchbox element for similar experience

You may already know this, but technically you can search in a dropdown too, there’s just no visible text input. But if you type your preferred option, it’ll scroll to that entry.

What do you mean?

if I have a list of 5000 people I want to search through?

In that case it’s probably not very performant to put it in a dropdown, as you’ll have to load a lot of data when the dropdown loads (most likely on page load?). I’d look into the searchbox element, like @batuhanmerguz suggested.

What I mean that if you have a dropdown selected (focused) and you type something on the keyboard, the dropdown will scroll to anything that matches what you type. This applies only to the label displayed in the dropdown.

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Like dropdown, searchbox is a element on Bubble. I don’t like it’s UX however its performant on most cases.