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Struggling to get search to work :(

I have a search input and a recurring group which is pre-populated based on an input.

I want the recurring group to change when a user makes a search from showing all results to only what the user searches for.

I have created the workflow: When SearchBox A’s value is changed > make a changes to a list of ToDos.

Then I’ve selected the type, list and the field to change to = SearchBox A’s typed text.

However won’t this make a database change rather than just re-ordering the list against the search query?



I don’t think you want to use workflows to accomplish this. Instead, you can limit the repeating group’s data source like this:

Thanks Andre, won’t this remove the current list though?

I’d like to keep the full list of items (in this case todo’s!), just change them to show the search result if a search is applied.

If you make sure to check “ignore empty constraints” you should be able to see your whole list up until the point that someone enters a search term.

Note: None of this will change the data stored in the database. It will just change what data is shown to the end-user in the repeating group.

Thanks Andre - I feel I’m close!

I don’t have name contains so used the field which the search is using in this case title - I have the option between value, typed text, is valid or isn’t valid?

See pic below - If I go with typed text I have no luck.

Any more pointers?

You’ll want to use “value” instead of “typed text”. Then you may need to add a field name after value depending on the type of thing you are searching for in the search box - If you have trouble with this, send me a screenshot of your search box so I can see what type of thing you’re searching for.

(also, make sure to click “ignore empty constraints”)


Personally I usually opt for input boxes


That worked (bringing in the value and field name)!

Is it possible to style the results? E.G. Stop them wrapping? How about if I had other fields of the same type I wanted to bring in?

I think you’ll get a lot out of going through some (or all) of these resources: Videos | Bubble

Particularly this one should help you with some of your formatting questions: How to Use the Text Element | Bubble

Glad I was able to help you figure out your problem with filtering the search. Good luck on the rest of your Bubble journey.