Searchbox: multiple DB Types and Fields?

Hi all,

Is there a way to have the searchbox search through different Database Types and Fields?

For example:

  • I have 2 database types: Dogs and Cats
  • Within those types, I have these fields:
  • Dogs: Field 1 is Color, Field 2 is Breed
  • Cats: Field 1 is Name, Field 2 is Gender

Now, let’s say I have a cat named White, and the color of one of the dogs is also White.
I need the searchbox to display the following when entering “white”:
Search: White
White, Cat, Male
Rex, Dog, White


You could create a search index for the various fields on a new table ?

That should work. That may be silly, but don’t you think this might slow down my app if I have a lot of fields in that new tab and if the search bar is on every single page? (I plan to have it on my top menu)

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