Search & Autocorrect works in dev but not in live

Please see the screenshots below.
When I type into the search input all looks good in development.
In production I just see a blank search result as soon as I type.
Any suggestions will be most apprectiated.
Thanks, Mark

Do you have data in your user DB in live?

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Hello @marksrunge ,

You can go through this thread. You will find the solution to your problem.

If any further assistance is required get in touch with me on:
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Hi @Jici
The data in live is very similar to live.
Thanks, Mark.

Many thanks @karamwise
I’ll check this out when I get home.
Thanks again,

Hi, @marksrunge.
Apologies for the late reply on the request related to one of our plugins :pray: 🥲

If you still need help with the plugin, feel free adding our to the list of your app’s collaborators - we will take a look. Also, let us know the page where you are using the plugin, which user should we “run as”, etc.

Zeroqode Support Team

This was a weird one. I suspect it was because the source table was slow in populating.
If I still have problems I’ll come back.
I have to research it more on my side as soon as I have spare time.
Thanks, Mark.

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