Searching for "who's available" (I'm using TopCal plugin)

So here’s the breakdown of using the Orchestra Plugin with the TopCal plugin to get a list of Available Users:

  1. Put a Repeating Group on page to load all your Users who have a relevant schedule
    Within the Repeating Group add a GetAvailableTimes Element and a Musicians Element

- This repeating group can be tiny and put behind other elements so that it cannot be seen. But make sure it is visible on page load and set to Full List - as we need to load all the Data and Elements in the cells for this to work properly

  1. Add a Maestro Element somewhere on the page, not within the Repeating Group we just made

  2. Add an Initialize Musicians Workflow:

  3. Set the relevant Fields in the Get Available Times element (yours will be Between These Dates and filter for the specific day the person is searching for)

  4. Create a Custom State somewhere on page to be a List of Users - we will populate this State with Users who have available times from this Workflow. This is a workflow that will run within every Cell of your Users repeating group, and all it does is recognize if the GetAvailableTimes element has any times (availability), and if it does then it adds the User (schedule in my example) to the Custom State list

  5. Create a Button or Workflow to kick off the ‘Finding’ of available Users. In your scenario you mentioned a User may have no available times, so you could have a ‘Search for other Users’ button that kicks off this search

  6. You can now add a Repeating Group of User’s with the Data Source set to the State that we created above

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