Bubble not displaying the info requested

Hello guys,

I have this issue and I lost my patience trying everything I know. I am not sure if there is something that I miss on my side or is a bug in bubble. I deeply hope it’s me and someone can help me with my topic.

This is the page setup I have

and this is what I was expecting to see

I can only see that if I am logged in as that user

I did not use CURRENT USER in my settings but I used CURRENT PAGE USER and I should be able to see those info even if I am not logged in.

Actually I do see user’s items in a repeating group with basically same settings

Does anyone have any idea what is wrong here?

Hi there, @razvan.podariu… the issue could be related to privacy rules on the User data type, specifically the default privacy rule on that data type, if you haven’t changed it. So, take a look at your privacy rules and see if that is the case.


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thank you Mike
I wasted 4 hours of sleep last night trying to find the issue
I removed the freakin’ rule and now everything is good

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Cool… happy to help. Keep in mind that removing the rule solves your immediate issue, but you should definitely circle back to privacy rules and put rules in place that meet the needs of your app while still protecting your data.

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