[Seeking Alpha testers] Large file imports

We’re kicking off the Alpha for a new feature - the ability to upload large files using the existing File Uploader element! We’re looking for volunteers to help test this feature out.

With this new feature, you’ll see on the File Uploader element a parameter for the maximum upload size. Note that the storage limits for different app plans have not changed, so as the app creator, you should pick upload size limits that make sense for your app and plan.

If you would like to participate in this Alpha, please DM me the app ID you want this feature activated on.

Thanks all!


Things are moving in a great direction!


This is amazing. Could you elaborate on what the new limit will be if there is a bubble made limit at all? Also with the limit being raised, obviously larger files will be stored. Is there any news on bubble changing their pricing for upgrading storage? It’s extremely expensive to scale currently so I’m worried this feature may be useless considering the price that you’d pay for storage.


I have a large dataset that I’ve tried to upload but has been nearly impossible to do. It either times out or I close the window. Would love to give it a try!

There should be no limit imposed by this new feature, but you are still limited by the storage available in your plan! There are no current plans to update pricing in relation to this feature.

@jcalvarezjr Terrific - please do DM me the app ID to join the Alpha!

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Hey @allenyang. Will we have the ability to set file upload limits for different customer subscription levels? For example, User A is on a Standard plan with a 50MB upload limit. User B is on the pro plan and can upload files up to 150mb. Just checking.

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Yeah hopefully the upload limit e.g. max file size in MB can be defined by a dynamic expression, allowing for variable rates depending the current user or referencing another object to define the size.

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This isn’t directly possible on the element itself, BUT you could always put 2 File Uploaders on the page, with different limits, and hide / show them conditionally based on the user.

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Addendum to my last answer - @cal pointed out that you can also create dynamic expressions in the max file size field!


That’s awesome stuff.

Very good! Now that’s a feature that will be extremely useful to my next app.

How about increasing the number of csv rows a user can upload at one time. IMC that’s way more limiting than file size.


That is on our radar but not this particular feature :slight_smile:

@allenyang, when this officially rolls out, will the capability be available to plug-ins via the context.uploadContent() function or otherwise?

No, not for the v1, but feature request noted - thanks for raising

I want to test this feature))
I wanted to clarify, can this be any application? Does it matter, the application on a dedicated plan or on a hobby plan?

Sure thing @jennifervasilenko - could you please DM me the app ID that you want this feature on?

Yes, this particular feature will be available to all plans, so we’re accepting any app to the Alpha (we hope you will test it out and give us feedback of course)

Really glad you’re tackling this ‘issue’ – 50MB limits have been holding back a lot of my product ideas. Having native support for larger files would be amazing!

I hope that this change will also reflect in the File Storage limits of the Bubble plans. 50GBs for a ‘Professional’ package is a lot lower than most web hosting companies offer. Maybe an option to start paying for bandwidth in stead, or something. Just an idea.

Anyways, super glad to see this update!

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Note that this feature has rolled out to an open Beta: [New Feature] [Beta] Large file uploads

Closing this thread - thanks to all our volunteers!

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