Seems overly complicated

Have a slider that produces a value in an input box - let’s call it Input A
Have an input box that you enter a numerical value - let’s call it Input B
Need an input box (i’m assuming) that takes the value in Input B and is divded by Input A value

For the life of me I can’t find anything in forums or on Google that explains this - seems like it should be beyond simply, thanks in advance for any direction.

Input B’s value / Input A’s value

:slight_smile: I think I got that one - but I guess my more specific question is, when I drop an input box in, let’s say Input C - where in the design can I specify to do that calc? Hopefully that makes sense, thank yo usir.


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Thanks - got the forumual in there, but doesnt’ work and I think it has to do that the slider value is defaulted to a value to start, but the other input is not, it’s empty and requires a value to be typed in - however after typing in the value, the Input C doesn’t do the calc. However, you have helped enough, I appreciate it, will do some more homework and if I can’t find a fix I’ll look for another software product, but thanks everyone!

For what it’s worth, here is the exact example you described.


The slider has a default value of 5.

The Initial content of Input A is set to SliderInput A's value, so Input A has a default value of 5.

As you already know, Input C has its Initial content set to Input B's value / Input A's value.

When I type a number into Input B, I get the correct result in Input C.


If you share some screenshots, I’m sure someone can help you out. There is no doubt that Bubble’s learning curve is steep, but what you are trying to do is pretty basic. So, if you can’t work through this one and your reaction is to look for another software product, yeah, Bubble likely won’t be for you. No offense, of course, but it is what it is.

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Like almost everything, self inflicted head wound on my part - got it to work. Curious though, when you enter a value in box b and hit enter, then box c does the calculation - but if you tab after typing in the value, you have to tab through box c for the value to change - I’m not a computer guy, but just curious if this is normal and can’t be changed - meaning, box c does the calc wether you enter or tab. Have a good weekend everyone.

Depending on what you need to do with the result of the calculation, I probably wouldn’t use an input element to display the result. You could use a text element instead, and then you wouldn’t see the behavior you described.