Seems Simple: Alert Notification Help Needed

Hello Fellow Bubblers —
This one is long, only because I wanted to make it as detailed as possible. I have spent the last 3 days trying to figure it out myself. No success. All the screenshots are to help you see what I see (or in this case don’t see)


I have two users in my database.
Each have created a TASK and assigned the other to it.
User A assigned a TASK to User B and vice-versa. In my example, Kim and Merlin.

In each dashboard you see the TASK that was created by the current user, and the TASK assigned to them by the other user. The task with the RED TRASH BIN is the TASK that was created by the current user.

Each TASK has the ability to post COMMENTS. These comments form a thread that can be read by the current user and the assigned users on the task.

I am trying to create an ALERT system that will notify user’s when a comment has been posted on their TASKs, whether created by them or assigned to them.


Every user assigned to a TASK should be notified of newly posted comments, whether they created the task or not. “Comment Creator” should not get their own comment alerts.

Image A and B shows comparisons of the two dashboards so you can better understand what is happening. Other images just give you an idea of how the dots are connected (or not).

I attached all the workflows, and I have crossed checked my data with privacy rules, and also checked drilled down expressions.

I’m missing something, but I can’t see it. Maybe fresh eyes can help me understand the logic. It seems simple enough, and I wish Bubble had an extensive course on understanding how to interpret logic on their platform. When I say it out loud it makes sense, but when I try to put the puzzle together on the platform, something gets lost in translation.

I know this is a lot - I tried to be as thorough as possible. And I trust a Bubble Genius will see the solution before they reach the end of this post.

Thanks in advance, I deeply appreciate any guidance you can share.


Data field on the data type of Comment for ‘seen’ should not be a yes/no, because you are expecting more than one user to have seen the comment, so, the ‘seen’ field should be a list of Users that have seen the field.

Your field of ‘comment_creator’ should not be a List of Users but only a single User, which means, delete the ‘comment_creator’ field that is a list of users and only keep the ‘comment_creator’ field that is a single user, since only one comment can be made by one user.

You also have a Data type of Notifications which doesn’t have any reference at all to what type of event it is a notification for, nor does it have any relationship to any data type that might represent the type of event the notification is for, so how do you know what the notification is supposed to notify the user for, unless you plan on only using it to notify about comments, but in that case, how do you know what comment the notification is for.

Simplest solution is likely to add to the User data type a field that is a list of comments…this list would represent all comments the user has not seen, which would be all comments that are attached to a task that the user is in the list of users for the ‘attach_to_users’ field. When the User logs in, you can check the field of ‘list_of_comments’ and alert them if that field has a count greater than 1.

You will need to setup the workflows to add those comments to the field on the user data type and remove those comments from the field on the user data type.

You are heaven sent!!!
Thank you so much for your guidance and expertise. I will follow your direction, test, and get back with you.

Thank you again! I’m so grateful!

OMGosh, I read through this again, and I had to laugh at myself. No wonder I felt like I was trying to untangle a bunch of wires. I could have never figured this out by myself ; at least as a no-code newbie. This is so intense for a feature that seems so simple.

Thanks, again…I am just astounded right now!

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well, I took all your advice and changes were made to the app.
The app does not allow me to create a new thing for User data type. I checked the privacy rules and they seem fine. But, to add the comments to the Users data type in a workflow, the User data type does not show up in the dropdown. Why is that?
I won’t be able to test if your suggestions work if I can’t add the comment to the User data type “list_of_comments” - any suggestions?

Thanks, Kim

Add the field for comments to user data type

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