Select Day Only On Calendar

Is there any way to select a day without selecting events on the calendar?

I want to have my users select a day and view all events from that day in a list. However it’s hard to select the day when the event takes up most of the space on the calendar.

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They can just switch the view to ‘day’. It will list all the days events.

I need them to be able to look at the month, select a day then view the events for that day in the list below.

I have all that, it’s a UI issue at this point.

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Did you find a workaround?

At the moment I have just made the “events colour” and “events selected colour” invisible. Which is a very shyly encourages the user to click around until they hit the thin “day” sweet spot at the top of the events.

Anybody had luck with getting the full Calendar to select the entire day when they click on an event?

I have this function in my app, and I did it by let the user select a day in a date picker, and then display a list of events, filtered by date, in a RG

Thanks mate, Helped a lot.

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