Select / Deselect All Checkbox Functionality

I have an issue with my Select / Deselect All Checkbox Functionality
Here is the record:
As you see if I select/deselect all items - it works fine. I faced with troubles when I decided to add individually selection workflow. I also shows the settings of checkboxes and workflow logic
Could you help me to solve this, please?

When you click the checkbox that selects or deselects all of them you need to also clear the custom state of which ones were checked.

Hey @williamtisdale !
I’m cleaning state by setting empty value: Screenshot by Lightshot
It looks for me that is wrong something with checkbox item in repeating group, but I can’t figure out what’s wrong…

Can you share a link to editor and allow me to view it?

I’m new to the Bubble so I’m not sure how to share project links. Do you know how to do it?
Or I could invite you to project by email if it works for you

Just when you are at your editor, copy and paste the url. Then go to your general settings and select everyone can view.

Thanks! I found how to do it.
Here the link is: Scrumlaunch-event-maker-2 | Bubble Editor

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@williamtisdale I found the solution. I needed to reset parent group value. Thanks for your help anyway! I appriciate this

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