Select multiple choices

I am building a freelance platform and one thing I want to do is to select multiple skills. See attached screenshot. I created Groups with text inside of it, not sure if that is the right approach.

When someone picks for example ‘PHP’, what is the best way to add this to the Current Page project list of skills in the database.

I tried setting up workflows to set conditional statements for yes/no but this doesn’t add the selected option to the list in my database for the current project. What is the best approach?


Have you tried using a custom state list, and setting up your workflows as follows?

One workflow for When custom_state_list doesn’t contain “PHP” - custom_state_list:plus item “PHP”
And another for When custom_state_list contains “PHP” - custom_state_list:minus item “PHP”

Then when the next button is clicked you can run a workflow to save the custom_state_list to the DB.


I think I get what you are saying. Let me get back to you once I tried this within the couple of days.

I tried the following:

1: Set Custom state for Yes/No for selecting the skills.
2: Make changes to current project for each skill

Not sure if there is a shorter/better way. Please also check attached video.


I can see that the database also stores the information correctly. But i’m worried i’m using too many workflows/conditional statements as I have to set it up for each skill.