SelectPDF converted file gets cut off

I’m using SelectPDF to convert my bubble page into a pdf file. This file is about twenty A4 pages long (and the workflow set up so that it sends the pdf file via email upon conversion). All works well, except that the pdf file ends ( gets cut off) roughly at what would be about the 8th page. I gave SelectPDF enough time to load (the max of 30seconds) in case the server loading time is very slow, but that didn’t make any difference at all. Does SelectPDF limit us to about 8pages only for each conversion? This file that I’m generating is a report with a flexible length (user can ad a random number of images to the report), and I really need to have these about 20 pages in one single PDF file. (Even without the images, the report is longer than 8 pages of A4). Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Did you have any success with fixing this? Thanks!!

Hi @tomas2,
I spent a lot of time trying to work this one out. I managed to find a workaround it. It’s not a solid solution, but it works. First I thought that it was the Repeating Group that was being cut off, but in actual fact it was the length of the page (!) at which the pdf was being cut off. (The RGs were expanding as expected, but as soon as they expended beyond the length of the page that was it).

I increased the height of the actual page by ample amount to allow for the variable height of the repeating groups and it now works fine. The only thing to work on now is that we end up with a few blank pages at the end of the pdf report (depending on the height of the RGs of course the number of blank pages will vary). One thing that could fix it is having a variable length of the page, perhaps if we could achieve it like this:

We could put let’s say a Shape element at the end of the report (with no background to make it look invisible), and put a condition on the length of the page like this:
Page length is equal to as many pixels as the Y position of the Shape element (plus the H height of the shape). I’m yet to look into this one though whether it’s possible at all.

That makes sense @peter.grabec
Thanks for the reply!
The variable page height might work as well… I’ll give it a try. Cheers

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Cool @tomas2 . Let us know how you go and/or if you find a solid solution.