Selecting a value in dropdown based on URL parameter

I am loading a dropdown from an API with objects that have an id and a name. The Option Caption is the object’s name.

I would like for the user to be able to pass a parameter in the URL to specify the name property so the user would not have to select an item in the dropdown manually (in the case of a frequent default selection they like).

How can I tell the dropdown to select a specific item based on this URL parameter after the dropdown has loaded its list from the API after the page loads?


How about converting the dropdown options to be text, and then use the Get data from page URL action?

Here is a quick sample that is a list of banking institutions pulled in using the API connector:

Here is a link to the sample page editor:

If you use this link, it will set the list to “Citi”,

Yes, I knew something like that would work. However, the API that fills the dropdown has more than just the value of each item there is also an id that gets used by subsequent API calls. So if the users chooses a different item from the dropdown the id property of the item is used to populate other elements of the page.

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