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URL Parameter feeding Dropdownlist

Hello everyone.

Do you know how to make a Dropdown List select a thing from the URL Parameter?

Basically, I want the Dropdown List to store the value when the user refreshes the page.

Any idea how?

Many thanks for considering my request.

are you trying to populate a dropdown from URL parameters?

I’m trying to select from dropdown list from a parameter

How does your URL looks like with that parameter passing a list?

The Dropdown should read make=10 (the ID) and convert it to the name and display it on the Dropdown
Same thing with the model and the year.

So when the user refreshes the page or goes back the data are still there so the users won’t fill them again.

Thanks again.

Get Data from URL as text > split by

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Wait so you have only one dropdown and you want that the dropdown shows all those parameters as text?

Or you have a different dropdown for each of the parameters?

Could you post your UI? Just to get a better understanding :slight_smile:

Sounds like you want the drop-down to populate with a different ‘default’ value depending on what is in the URL parameters (or rather several drop downs).

So read in the parameter in the drop-down initial content set up and search for it.

Obviously might be worth putting it in a condition so it only displays when it is found.