Selection/unselection of button


I have a repeating group of texts and I gave this group a custom state called “Size Selected” which is a list. This state stores the texts that are selected from the repeating group. I created a workflow that triggers when the user clicks on it which adds the current cell’s text to the repeating group’s “Size Selected” state. This will make the selected texts a different color to show the user that the text is selected. My only problem is that I don’t know how to unselect the text/remove the text from the repeating group’s state list when clicked. Can anyone help me?

Selection GIF

Hi there, @ferentalex… on the workflow event (Group text size is clicked), add a condition that says only when the custom state doesn’t contain the current cell’s text. Then, copy and paste that workflow event to make a new event, change the operator in the condition to contains, and change the action to remove (:minus item) the current cell’s text from the list.

Hope this helps.


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