SelectPDF Missing Data

I am using selectPDF plugin with a demo key. First it was working fine but now whenever I convert pdf to webpage most of the data doesn’t render. I end up downloading document with empty fields. Moreover, I searched this issue up and found that changing rendering machine solves the issue but there is no option for rendering machine. Is there any free alternative to SelectPDF? or how can I solve this issue? Is it because I am using it in demo mode? Will buying package solve the issue?

Hey @jahanzeb :wave:

You probably need to increase your ‘Min Load Time’ so it has the time to load the page before it creates the PDF. That should fix your issue since you only have yours set to 5 seconds.

A free but more difficult solution is to use the PDF Conjurer instead. It’s difficult to master but the result is really nice. I coach people on using it, but my services aren’t free. :man_shrugging:t2: So if you need to do it on your own, just get a basic one working and then add complexity little by little.

Hope that helps. :blush:

Increasing load time doesn’t solve the issue. Any other leads?

Hmm :thinking:. How much did you increase the load time to?

Try disabling the privacy rule on your datatype to find it that’s the issue. When you use the “external URL” it probably won’t follow privacy rules. Also try changing the “Render the page as” to Current User. You could also try creating a magic login link, and having it redirect to the page you want and feed that result of the magic login to the SelectPDF url