Sell /Buy bubble template

Hi Bubble community, Kindly i have some questions about selling/purchasing bubble templates :

1- If seller want to create and sell bubble websites without listing it on bubble marketplace ,for example offer it to sale in [ Gumroad or fiverr…etc ] how the creator can send the purchased bubble template to the buyer ? send the "bubble file " after export it "NOT available for FREE plan "
2- If the website includes paid plugins, in this case , i have to make the website in "personal plan " ? and make it available for all users "testing purpose "


Thanks for posting! Unfortunately, it is not possible to sell Bubble templates outside of Bubble. This is because templates need to be associated with user accounts in order for them to begin apps from the templates and the proper payment processing must occur.

Templates are developed on the “Template Plan” which means you’ll have access to paid plugins without charge, but any paid plugins included in the template need to be outlined in the template documentation, as users who buy the template will be required to pay separately for them.