Workflow to Sell Apps on Marketplace?

I have been building an app for some time (with a big interruption for about a year) and would like to sell the app on the Bubble Marketplace.

What I’d like pointers to is how the deployment / approval process works - and once people star to use the app, how do you go about providing updates etc.

Also, are the apps sold this way editable by users (can they change the design) - or it it possible to lock it down so they can’t etc

Is there any help or documentation about this whole area?

Thanks in anticipation!!

@julian1 These are the steps to sell templates on the marketplace:

  1. In > marketplace > create a seller profile
  2. In > new template > create a template from a new app or based on an existing app
  3. When you are ready to submit for approval, click submit icon > fill out submit template popup especially for License = Commercial if this is a paid template
  4. Once submitted, Bubble team will review > in the mean time, click on price icon > confirm price
  5. You will get an email if your template is approved or rejected > if the template is rejected, the email will typically contain feedback on changes to make prior to submitting again
  6. Once approved, template will be listed on the marketplace at
  7. If you are making further changes to templates after it is published, resubmit template
  8. A completely optional step - start a forum thread for your template if you would like to give users more information or support

@julian1 I think its worth mentioning too that bubble wants you to have a demo login for users to see how the app works fully. Of course, if you have a login requirement. I didn’t know this and got rejected the first time around. Just FWIW. :slight_smile:


@neerja -thank you for that - but there are still several questions I need answers to…

  1. How do I go about updating apps which people have purchased (the Marketplace agreement requires people to fix bugs - but how).

  2. Are the apps editable by users or not - if they can edit, how would one go about fixing or updating anything

@J805 - thanks for this - does this mean that the app is delivered with it’s test data? If so, presumably when they put it live this will be deleted?

The template will be updated only for new apps created with it.

You only put in the data for the dev side of things. When you push to live it should be empty and ready to go beside just deleting the demo login info.

They are able to modify whatever they want if they know how. :+1:

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