Seller cannot accept payment solution


If you’re building a marketplace where some user can register as sellers and sell their services, you might’ve run into this message when a user tries to pay for the seller’s services:
Sorry, this seller cannot accept payments right now due to a temporary error. Please try again later

The Bubble documentation on stripe is very poor and not at all helpful.

I found this link after a week of searching that was helpful which gives a step by step solution to have sellers on your app.

The redirect link must be : Stripe Authentication for some reason.

So far that’s the only way I got it to work. When I tried to put a specific page that the user should be redirected too, it didn’t work. I’ll try to see if there’s anything else I can do for this.

Hopefully this helps.

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Hi Mac.Mehani
I’m struggling with this exact issue and would really appreciate specific help on how you resolved this?
Just as an example; My account is setup perfectly and active on all indicators. However in test, when time to ‘Create a transfer’ to a seller, I get the very same response; Sorry, this seller cannot accept payments right now…


Did you follow step by step the link I sent in my last reply and put this link in stripe? h” (without the space between the “t” and the “h”)

It’s been a long time since I did this, so it’s a little far in my brain for me to remember everything I did to solve this.

Let me know

Hi Mac
Unfortunately, this is looking as-is, as you have mentioned, any other ideas at all that can help me? Just to confirm for you - I am in test mode within connect currently. Using all test accounts to process the ‘transfer’.

Stripe Authentication (starting with “https://”)


Would be very thankful to getting past this one!

Are you using a third party plugin or Bubble’s plugin for Stripe?

Did you try using the bubble step-by-step debugger to see what’s happening?

Also it could be due to your data privacy settings. Maybe you’re setting privacy rules for the user. Run a flow where the user is paying and money is transferred to the seller account but before pressing click on step-by-step in the debugger and see if the seller account appears in the “transfer to seller” event.

Let me know if this helps.

Hi Mac

I’m using Bubble’s plugin for stripe here.
The debugger step by step seems perfectly fine, however, the Transfer workflow is a backend one - which means I have to rely on the logs for the transfer aspect (which is where I see the error itself).

I’ll check on the data privacy settings and user privacy and come back to you in shortly.

Privacy on data - I’ve removed all consideration to access to data by making the seller an admin in the workflow. This did not change the outcome.
Next will attempt the trial workflow you mention Mac.

Yeah, but if in the “transfer to seller” event, the “user field” says “empty” and it’s grayed out, then that means that Bubble doesn’t communicate to Stripe who the seller is.

In the step by step debugger, you will see the event “working” even if the user is empty. Should be the same thing in the event logs, double check that the user field is not empty or the seller account ID etc.

That’s the one of the main reasons I was getting errors. Other than that, I’m not sure to be honest. I would have to dig in deep to find the errors. If that doesn’t work, reach out to Bubble support, they’re usually able to find the error.

And also double check that you set up the API keys correctly using the link in my initial post.

Hope that helps!