Stripe API > "Transfer to Seller" results in error: Workflow error - Sorry, this seller cannot accept payments right now due to a temporary error. Please try again later

In a marketplace transaction that eventually results in a payout to a seller on my platform / marketplace continually results in an error in the logs.


  1. Stripe API > “Charge the customer”, which is a workflow on button click
  2. Stripe API > “Transfer to Seller” , which is a backend scheduled workflow… which I then receive the below error. Logs: “Workflow error - Sorry, this seller cannot accept payments right now due to a temporary error. Please try again later.”

Other details:

  1. I’ve test this using the below two options, both the same result. A connected account - real account and then B. A test account (selecting test in the payment process / stripe’s pages)
  2. I’ve contacted stripe support, no results (they could not see anything of assistance), which very likely means that nothing is making it to strip itself?

Looking for some help with this as well. Anyone have any ideas?

I now use paypal because stripe wont accept my vape business. but when i used stripe i had the same issue. and if you go to your stripe dashboard you will find that the customers you create as sellers are restricted. And that because stripe require all information about every seller in your connect. in the workflow when you register a customer as a seller. you will find that you might have filled one or more information wrong. Address, phone number Post code and everything has to be in right format. furthermore Stripe will ask your for further verification for the seller after a short period and it is identification document of the seller. i used to upload any random picture from Stripe dashboard and the seller is permanently enabled. and yeah by the way i used to be scared of Stripe2.js and thought it was complicated but after using it i found it pretty easy.

Hi @Dexx I found it was an issue with the stripe API (plugin) minute I used a custom API or the Zeroqode marketplace plugins, it worked!? So I never actually solved it and moved on to these. Spent weeks trying to solve it, wasnt worth the hassle in the end.

You’re right! I ended up using this plug-in which is super functional and worked without a hitch.