Seller cannot accept payments


I am building a marketplace with buyers and sellers. The user experience is so that the user can click on the calendar, chose the time, confirm the reservation and gets charged amount x + app fee.

Amount x would be transferred to the seller and I would get the app fee.

How I got this to work is by having in the workflow “charge the current user” and there’s a checkbox to click if the payee is another user. I put the Bubble payee’s unique ID.

When I click on confirm however, I get the following message:
Sorry, this seller cannot accept payments right now due to a temporary error. Please try again later.

This happens in the test-mode. I’m trying to test the app to make sure that everything works before going live.

In the payee, am I supposed to put Stripe’s unique ID? If yes, how do I get Stripe’s unique ID for the seller?

Anyone who has a fix for this?

I am using the Bubble version of Stripe, not stripe.js.

Thank you


Go to Stripe, click on Developers and then Event Log. You can get the reason behind the error from there.

Don’t forget to enable test mode view in Stripe. It might be something simple as saving your connect settings.

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I checked the event log but there’s no error in the test mode.

Hi @mac.mehani ,

Do you use Stripe plugin by Bubble? I think You should let the seller register their Stripe information first using “Register the user as a seller” action

Yes I am using the Stripe plugin by Bubble.
I already have the user register as a seller when they create the account. they get redirected to Stripe, enter their info. Once they finish entering the information they get redirected back to my app.
That’s where I am at right now having the problem.

How did you enter your keys? You should always have something in the event log. I think it’s related to your keys then. Maybe you’re using live mode?

Bearer <secret_key>

In the “register user as a seller” workflow, there’s a “enter API key” button.
When you click on this button, it takes you to the Stripe Plugin page (on Bubble) to enter your API keys.


  1. Live Client ID
  2. Live Secret Key
  3. Live Publishable Key
  4. Client ID - Development
  5. Secret Key - Development
  6. Publishable Key - Development

I entered the key for each option.

I do get some event logs in Stripe, but I don’t have any errors.

There are events such as credit card charges for users. However, since I added the functionality of users registering as Sellers, there aren’t any events anymore since the sellers cannot accept payments. So when the user enters the cc information that’s when I get the message.

It’s really weird. Not sure why I’m getting this error.

@mac.mehani Check the connected account. Are there ‘capabilities’ setup for their profile?

I guess I didn’t set up my account properly. I don’t see this in my connected account section.
How did you get this?

I use my own connections. I would assume bubble handles this when creating the account, but I’m not sure though. I’d probably reach out to them.


I think I finally found the solution.

The Bubble documentation on stripe is very poor and not at all helpful.

I found this link after a week of searching that was helpful which gives a step by step solution to have sellers on your app.

The redirect link must be : Stripe Authentication for some reason.

So far that’s the only way I got it to work. When I tried to put a specific page that the user should be redirected too, it didn’t work. I’ll try to see if there’s anything else I can do for this.

If you have any updates for me don’t hesitate!