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Seller endpoint requesting current user info is not authenticated

The first action in the WF is > connect stripe account which is generated before the link on boarding refresh/return url process. this means that generated account_id is not helpful for checking if the user is connected as completed on stripe, How i can save the onboarding flow when url returned? and then if the user fields is empty > connect user again.

I tried to extract data when page is returned on page load but also nothing helps, and there is no access to data on boarding.
Screen Shot 2021-10-14 at 7.33.16 PM
Help please, How i can save the onboarding data ?

Are you using the Bubble plugin? You don’t do anything, it works out of the box and logs the info on the User under stripe's seller id

I don’t know what the Stripe.JS plugin has available to you to do this…however the screen shot you show from Stripe documents is explaining that the fact a user who completes the on-boarding flow does not mean that all the necessary information is collected to enable their ability to accept payments, and they would potentially need to add the necessary details at a later point.

Because this would be something they do directly in their Stripe Dashboard and not on your application, you need a way to know of the changes taking place inside of Stripe. The screen shot from Stripe states that to solve for the issue you maybe are referencing here is to either

  1. Use a webhook for the event notification of ‘account.update’ which is when the user has inside of their Stripe Dashboard made changes to their Stripe Account, like adding all the necessary details to enable payments.

  2. Use the Stripe API for ‘Get Account’ to retrieve the details of that account so that you can verify if they are ready to accept payments.

I have re-read your question in bold a few times and I’m a bit confused

Are you asking about how to save the data when the user has been redirected to your application after they have finished the on-boarding process?

Looking at your second post, there should be a way to run the API call to get the User Account Details. If there is not and you are interested in learning how to set up your Stripe Integration properly from the API calls, webhooks, Shopping Cart, Subscriptions and more, you may be interested in my Stripe Integration Course.

It likely covers everything you would need to know to setup all aspects of your Stripe Integration.

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Hey @justin.hume, unfortunately no you can’t retrieve or access data even if you had an completed process on boarding, if so how you can access api and check if capabilities or other parameter is checked successfully for checking connection “stripe’s seller id”?

1- @boston85719 for onboarding, i am using API connector, look below.
Screen Shot 2021-10-13 at 5.40.47 PM
2- Connection is completed successfully using this WF:

3- Stripe response:

4- Account ID is saved from the previous WF-2

1- Now i need to check this account ID using stripe retrieve account or extract data from API capabilities if active, BOTH METHODS > NO ACCESS | NOTHINGS HAPPENS
2- I tried even to create an action after the return URL, Stripe tells completed with active capabilities and in the saved DB in bubble is inactive!

1- Without webhook, i can’t access data using the onboarding link flow info somehow?
Why we don’t have an option to choose if stripe is completed and not restricted after the onboarding process, simply such as current user email confirmed, where a token is saved to check the status.

Screen Shot 2021-10-15 at 1.51.58 AM
webhook is the right way to check for events specified and for detecting boots, exactly what i was looking for.
Thank you @boston85719

One more strange thing is happening here that when creating a new external account data including current user at endpoint WF, it gives “non_authenticated_user_test” output.

Send a screen shot. I’m not sure what you are referencing here.

Screen Shot 2021-10-15 at 1.34.10 AM
This field is current usernameID results saved once API endpoint detected.

Looks like the connected account has not been authenticated by Stripe meaning they have not added the necessary details to their stripe account to be authenticated. I’m not sure the exact process Stripe follows for creating a username, but seems like this value might be a default value when the user has not setup their Stripe account complete enough to be authenticated.

Sorry for misunderstanding, the account has been connected successfully and authenticated, this outputs i showed you is the current user unique ID which is not authenticated.

Requesting data is totally fine.
Saving current user info during the process is not authenticated

One thing i am curious about is when transferring an partial amount to seller from a source transaction, the stripe account balance is including the remain amount from the transfer to the seller?

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