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Hey everyone!
Could you please help to figure out how to check if the user of my app has a Stripe account as a seller. So in my app it is not necessary to have stripe accounts so I have button “register in Stripe” and then I want to show button “pay” with products only in those accounts who registered in Stripe as a seller through my app.

This Stripe connect flow works like this
User clicks on your Stripe connect onboarding link - > They go to Stripe - > They’ll see their businesss if logged in, otherwise they’ll be asked to login - > They choose a business and click on connect - > Stripe redirects them to the link you set as “Redirect URI” in your connect dashboard with a Code, which you can exchange for Stripe connect ID.

Thanks. I still have question. What if the user decided not to create account in Stripe? So when a buyer came to my app and see a list of things he would like to buy the button “pay”(or “buy”) will be visible only with goods whose sellers are registered in Stripe.

Have a field ‘stripeSellerID’ on the User. Save the ID to the user when the seller account is created. If the ID is empty you know they’re not a seller, so ‘only when Product’s user’s stripeSellerID is not empty’ this element is visible will only display the element when the seller’s Stripe account is connected

Hi. How do I know is the seller account is created? I mean I have to get something (account ID) back from the Stripe when the account is created, right? How do I get it back? I don’t see any action with Stripe ID.

Stripe sends a webhook when a seller’s onboarding is complete if I recall correctly

ok got you. Will try to figure it out. Thanks!

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