Send and receive mail

how can I send and receive mail?
I’m trying just a simple “contact us” page.
You have to rely on a third-party service to send/receive mail…
I tried Sendgrid, but emails aren’t sent without any reason/error.
Does it work?
I tried Mailersend, Sociocs, Clicksend. Several services/plugins/APIs.
I’ve set up the various DNS records, verified the domain, explained the reasons for using their services, but in the end it all fails for one reason or another.
Nothing works.
I’ve been trying to send an email for three days.
How are you supposed to build a business if no mail service is offered?
Or maybe this thing is just a toy?
Has anyone managed to set up a working contact page?

You can try the plug-in Mailmate. Which is cheaper than sendgrid and postmark combined and allows you to send unlimited amount of emails with 0 pay as you go pricing. Mailmate also allows you to send confirmation emails from your own domain.

I can give you access for free to test if this works for you.

I can also help you set it up if you need.

I don’t want to send mail. I want to receive mail.
I need a simple “contact us” page.
I don’t want to pay another service to receive mail.
I already pay

Yea I don’t see why you couldn’t receive mail. You can do that with the regular send email action from bubble.

Thanks for your time.

Nope. Regular send mail means “SendGrid”.
2 days to get authorization/setting up DNS, API keys, etc.
Then I discover that I can only send mail.
No, you can’t receive mail with “send email”.

Yea the plug-in I offered to set u up on for free would allow you to send an email to your users or to yourself. But hey, if you want to pay $20 or $80 per month for sendgrid I won’t stop you.

I don’t want to send. I want to receive.
9$ is cheap, but if I have to add 9$ to 29$ I already give to, than I buy a 3$/mo hosting with mail management, than set up a rough PHP mail server and connect it to bubble via API.
Strange thing for a “no code” developer though…

I’m literally offering you it for free. And you can receive an email… And you won’t need any external things to send or receive mail.

For free? But doesn’t it cost $9?

I’m the dev. I can give you access. If it doesn’t work for you, feel free to uninstall.

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