Mail server for Bubble?

I have a domain registered with Bluehost but for whatever reason I can not receive my mail through my registrar. I have been using Sendgrid to send emails from my domain by using workflows. But how can I receive mail at my domain that is being hosted by Bubble?

This depend of how you want to manage. But you should be able to continue to configure email using Bluehost and sendgrid. You can use different setting in sendgrid to manage incoming email too. Sendgrid can also post to an API workflow in Bubble and you can create a thing from the incoming email.

How can I manage incoming mail through SendGrid? Would I have to create an Email data type and create a new record whenever a message comes in?

The solution you will implement will be different according to what you want to do with the incoming email.

I have gone through the docs and set up Sendgrid and Bluehost accordingly. However I am stuck at the test part. Where does the test email go?

To the webhook url you have set. If you are using Bubble for that, you need to create an API Workflow endpoint to receive it

ok thank you. i appreciate the help but this keeps getting more and more complex. i guess i’ll look for another more streamlined solution

I understand. You can consider to use a different service like clicksend for example. There’s a few plugins that exist to use different emailing solutions.

Its not to difficult setting up mail parse in Sendgrid, i did tests some time ago and proved end-to-end how this would work.

then you configure a bubble endpoint as follows


awesome i will try this out, thank you

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