Send data from repeating group to group focus vs popup

Hi everyone,

I have managed to send data from repeating group to a popup.

I am wondering if there is a way to send data from a repeating group to a group focus ?




Set a group of type “thing you want” and place it in a popup that you never open.

Display data to that group

Set the focus group to be of the same type as the hidden group and it’s data source to be that hidden group

If I want to create a group focus for something in a RG I create a reusable element for the group focus and the reference element.

The Reusable elements type of content is set to ‘thing’. When the RE is added in to the RG you can then choose the data source as ‘current cell’s thing’ or ‘parent group’s thing’ (depending on where in the RG you place it).


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