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[SOLVED] Send a list of items to a Reusable Group


Is there a way to define the type of content of a Popup as a list without creating a new data type?

For example I have the data type Writers and I want to send a list of them to a Popup, how can I do that?


The Popup as a data source can only take a single value, not a list. If you want to display a list in the popup, you’ll want to a repeating group inside. RGs take list sources (and don’t necessarily need the popup to have a source). You can send data from outside the popup to the RG inside the popup. Ex: Click button on page > Send Data to RG (in popup): Define list source.

Depending on your needs, you could also do the following. Say you have another existing data type called Publications with a field called Writers that is a type list. You could send a publication to the popup and the repeating group could be “Parent Group’s (the popup) Writers”.

Does this help?

Gaby | Coaching Bubble

The fact is that I do not need a RG in my popup, just a list of items, I would like to send them without being part of some variables, it is a search that I want to send. Once the popup has it, it will work with just some items on it according to its scope

Gaby’s recommendation to use a repeating group is the way to do this. If you want to display a list (the result of a search as you said, of one data type), you can place the repeating group within the popup, define the type of content and leave the data source empty. On the page itself, you can create a workflow which triggers the popup to open, and then uses (Element Actions --> Display List). The repeating group to select is the one located in the popup, and you can define the data source to be anything you choose: