Send Email To List Not Working

Hey guys,

Any idea how to send a list of data to be processed by the ‘Send Email’ action?

I’m sending a list of subscribers (data type) that has an email field to the Send Email action using the ‘Join with’ operator according to the Bubble docs (tried without as well):

However, the email never comes through so I’m not sure what the issue is - other emails work fine if I define the email address but using that dynamic list isn’t working.

Any idea?


Try enclosing the comma in a pair of double quotes.

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Thanks but still not working!
Any more ideas? @josh

Maybe try
:count 1
at the end so you can see if one email address works with that workflow.

If that works then do
:count 25
so you don’t send to more than 25 emails in one email.

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@help, the default join is comma, so you don’t even need :join with here.

If you have a list of things that can be resolved to email addresses, the resulting list of addresses will already be comma-separated.

I guess the questions are:

  1. Can “To” in Send Email even be a comma separated list of emails? (To test, just type in two literal emails separated by commas right? Or read the docs I suppose.)

  2. If #1 is something we can do… Does your expression ACTUALLY resolve to a list of email addresses? Render it in a text element to check, right?

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Hey Keith,

Thanks a lot for the help here! I’ve ended up just using the ‘Schedule Workflow on a List’ and sending each record through as a list one by one instead of all at once with a comma separated. Works fine like that.

Thanks for the help, happy to mark this closed!


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