Send emails from customers' email address

Hey team -

Wondering what the best tool is to send emails from my customers’ email address?

I’m automating the sending of email for them, but those emails should come from their domain not mine.

Also, is there a tool which logs the emails send in their email client i.e. my tool triggers the email, but if they go to there “Sent items” in Outlook or Gmail, they will be able to see the sent emails too?

This is a complex subject, and before you even go into Bubble, consider that sending on behalf of someone else either requires your cleints to do some setup (client domain DNS settings), you sending as yourself with a "Reply-to: " header, or possibly integrating with GMail API (plus others).

If you don’t, you’ll run into major deliverability issues (it worked well 20 years ago, but then spammers/scammers found it as an attack vector).

Possibly this article is helpful:


Do you mean “email address” i.e. a single email address as in sales@myco . co

Or do you mean “domain” as in anything from myco. co ?

Postmark does a good job of the former, as you don’t need all the domain set up. Just for them to respond to a particular email.

Not really, that will not be sent from the “their” mailer client so won’t be stored. What you can do is bcc the account in, so they a copy.

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That’s very helpful, thank you!
Quick follow up - do you know if there’s a way that the “authentication” email that the user has to approve the use of their email in can be created with our branding (and not Postmark) branding?

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