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Send external API results to next page for a search

I’m trying to do a filtered search using my external API XANO.

Page 1 has options to choose Category, State, Dates, etc. Then click search.
Page 2 has results of Page 1’s search parameters.

The issue: How do I get the external api search results to page 2?
I tried this:

That’s not working. How would you do this? Thanks!!!

I successfully did what I wanted to do by sending all of the search parameters from page 1 to local storage. Then pulling them out on page 2 and using them with my external api call to list the results.

I’m still curious, is there a better way to accomplish what I’m trying to do?

Just adding this to ‘data to send’ should really work.
You could try adding a delay (wait for 2 seconds) before the ‘go to page action’. From my experience API calls within a workflow aren’t asynchronous, but it’s worth a try I guess.

Or maybe send each field as an individual parameter using ‘go to page…’ and there selecting ‘send more parameters to the page’.

Ranjit | Blur Apps

Thanks Blur Apps. I solved it a second way by using the ‘send more parameters to the page’ > then running the api on page 2, showing the results of the api in a repeating list. I grabbed the parameters I needed for my XANO external api by grabbing the parameters from the URL.

For anyone who’s curious, it looks like this:

Page 1 workflow:

Page 2 URL:

Page 2 Repeating List:

I’m a newbie, so still curious, how would an experienced Bubbler send parameters from a form on page 1, to page 2 where an external api uses the parameters to show results in a repeating list?

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