Sendgrid upgraded plugin error

I recently upgraded the Sendgrind Plugin by Cobubble and with the latest version im getting errors from sendgrid saying i have errors in the Smtpapi header and cannot be processed

it goes on to state the template id must be valid… yep checked and it is

Downgrade to the pervious version and its all dandy and working

@copilot any pointers?

Hey @Bubbleboy,

Make sure you have your Authorization key properly set in the step at the Workflow-level. Prior to Version 2.4.1, keys were required in the Plugins tab. Now that the Authorization key can be dynamically set, you can enable your own applications’ users to provide their own SendGrid API keys if you wanted to support it.

By the way, the vast majority of Bubblers who use our plugins and want to sponsor plugins, request new features and/or report bugs do so by emailing us at [email protected]. :slight_smile:

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@copilot sorry for spamming the forum…i’ll ping you on the email. User error in my case and nothing to do with your plugin if anyone reads this