Send item from "List of Things" via Zapier to CRM

Hi Everyone. First time poster - self-taught bubbler. Please bear with me while I try to articulate my issue

I’m building an insurance quote app and looking to send quote information from Bubble to my CRM (Agencyzoom) via Zapier.

I’m able to be connected to zapier for basic information of my user, but im having trouble sending info from my other thing - “Quotes”. Here is where I’m stuck:

How do I get specific data from a list of things (1 quote can have multiple drivers, and multiple vehicles and different coverages )- I tried “do a search for …” but i only know how to get info from the first item in a group.

I have a group “quotes” that each quote has a list of drivers, a list of vehicles and a list of coverages. For example, how would I send driver information (name, address etc.) for the second/third/fourth driver in the spreadsheet?

I appreciate the community here and would love to hear from you.

@emmanuel i’ve read some posts you’ve chimed in on - would love to hear your thoughts as well.

Thank you all!


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Hi! Do you want to click on a cell in the repeating group and send selected driver data to the CRM? Or you need to send a list of drivers at once?

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I’m having a similar issue. I’ve seen elsewhere the suggestion to create an API endpoint and use ‘return data from API’ and querying that via API connector so you may want to give that a shot.

I made it that far and was able to produce the results internally as a result but when I tried to use those results as input for the 3rd party service I wanted to query I just receive errors trying to send the entire response as a string and if you select JSON in the api connector than you are back to square one and only able to send one piece of the Thing.

If anyone has input on this or suggestions to try please let me know…

After a good bit of suffering I found a simple solution of just using a plugin to convert the list of things to JSON and use the result of that action as the input for the API call…

Would you be able to share which plug-in this was?

I’m stuck in a similar situation trying to create an invoice with a list of things ( items)