Sending a list of things to Zapier

(I’m a n00b, working with bubble for the past 2 months, the hard way), trying to understand the ropes still

Building a form that sends user’s input to Zendesk as a ticket using Zapier as the middleman
The “thing” I’m sending contains a list of things (among regular things).
When I send the form, everything shows up great but the list of things is a list of the things’ unique IDs.

How can I send it properly to display the thing’s properties?

I assume that a more general question is how to send (anywhere) a thing that contains a nested list of thing and include each thing property rather than its id?

Does anyone have a solution for this? I have a similar issue.

I create a new Zap-ID from the plugin that is connected to a thing in the database, but actually I would like to send a whole list of things to Zapier. The Zap will only accept one single item.

In this example the trigger is a created invoice that holds a list of line-items. Each line Item has a name and a price, and I’m trying to send the whole list of line items to Zapier with all the data they hold.

Any tips?

Adding to this post hopeing there’s a solution.

I too am struggling to send a list of things to another app via zapier

bumping this back up @ajay4 @gil @nemanja.rilakovic did either of you find a solution?

nope Still unknown! just had to do it via the API, but then this defeats the purpose of no code as I had to get someone to build the API, handle the response and test it.

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Bummer! Thanks for the follow-up.

Same for me, would be a very useful addition. I need to print out a register of all database items, not on a one-per-one basis