Sendgrid Email Templates <%body%> not correctly applying my body content

I’ve set up Sendgrid through the app settings page all correctly and emails are being sent but the merge tag <%body%> isn’t working. When I set up a workflow to send an email using the template I’ve created the <%body%> is not being replaced with the body I enter into the workflow. This happens with most Email > Send Email and using the Password reset workflow item.

Am I using Sendgrid correctly? What am I missing?

Hey @mattblake,

You’ll have to define what <%body%> is in order for SendGrid to make the necessary replacements in your template. If the native implementation still gives you issues, try the Send emails with SendGrid plugin. :slightly_smiling_face:

How do I define it? I assumed that as Bubble creates the body for system emails it sends this over to Sendgrid and Sendgrid merges it over the <%body%> tag. I appreciate the plugin makes more customised emails easier but what about system emails like password reset / user password confirmation?

As a part of Bubble’s user management features like Assign a temporary password, the result is exposed in proceeding steps as “Result of Step X…” which you can reference into anything including emails. :wink:

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