SendGrid email with attachment doesn't get delievered

Hi all,

I am using SendGrid p(Copilot) plugin to send emails through my app.

I can send standard emails and they are getting delivered well.

The problem is that when I attach some attachment with the email, even after encoding to base64, the email doesn’t get delivered.

This was working a few months back but not now

Any help would be highly appreciated

Had the same problem, but on other App it still works. So i changed the plugin version and it works again. Seems to be a problem of the new Plugin version. I use 6.2.10 and it works again.

Thanks but when plugin version is downgraded, it starts showing this warning on top “1 installed plugin may lose some functionality on March 12, 2024. Upgrade to latest plugin versions…”

Also you can see a red text alongside plugin name “Needs update”

Yes. that it right, we can just use this fix for now and hope they fix the problem in the newest update till March 12 :confused:

Yes. That’s the only thing we can do right now. Hopefully they can fix it ASAP in future.

Thanks @accounting1 for your responses

Hi all,

Just thought I’d share an update regarding this issue I posted earlier on. This issue has been resolved in the updated and latest Version 6.3.2 of the SendGrid plugin by Copilot. Emails with attachments are now being delivered as normal.

Kudos to the Copilot team.