SendGrid Plugin Multiple CC Issue


Having issues with the SendGrid API plugin. Specifically the CC functionality. My email templates work as expected for standard single TO FROM emails. When I attempt to CC a single email address it also works as expected. Although when I attempt to CC multiple email addresses I don’t receive any emails. No errors are received. No email received in SendGrid log.


Screen Shot 2022-09-08 at 4.12.33 pm

Screen Shot 2022-09-08 at 4.12.39 pm

Any assistance will be appreciated.

CC issues too on my side. Can’t even send email with one.

This plugin couldn’t be 100% awesome :slight_smile:

I just found the issue after setting up the API myself.
Every email address must be unique among "to", "cc" and "from".

You just need to pull out the from email from the cclist.

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Thanks Louis,

That worked for me.

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