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Sendgrid SSL - links intermittently not working

Hi all

I have been using Sendgrid for more than a year now without any problems.

Suddenly the links in my emails (both through dynamic and marketing templates) stops working. Sometimes (!).

Contacting support I get this answer:

"I contacted my superiors, and the issues with https links that aren’t SSL enabled are intermittent, they work sometimes and don’t work other times, but we don’t recommend using them without SSL enabled.

If you want to use https links and not have issues with them anymore, you have to properly set up SSL for your link branding. You can find below here a step by step guide for the settings you need to make on your side:

If you follow up on this ticket after you’ve completed these steps, we’ll enable SSL in your account if the settings are correct."

Has anyone experienced the same? The sudden change where links are not working any longer…

In case anyone experience the same: I have temporarily fixed it by disabling email tracking.

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