Sending a specific page in Single Page App

I have a created a single page app. The main page is a feed of posts. If I click a post I can see all details of the post
Is it possible to identify the specific post (as it happens if I used different pages) in order eg to send it with email to other users?



You could send the individual post to:

  • another page
  • a popup
  • to the same page hiding the feed and showing a singleView of the post

Good Day,
the first is clear (another page).
The other 2 options give me unique url (with only the specific post) to send? Please keep in mind that it is a single page app.

I am not really sure if this is what you really want, but for what I understood, you want the user to share a post to other user, and the second party when it opens the link goes directly to the post right?

You can use path on your URL, and then conditions on the groups or Popups, so when there is on the URL path the indentifier of that post it will show the group or post.

I think that in a single page app the url has not a specific identifier if you change from one screen to the other.
Am I correct?

In my app I’m using UID’s in the URL to show unique content on the page. It would look something like:

where “p” is the post ID being shown and “Pxxxxxxxx” is the unique ID. On post creation I use the Calculate Formula method to generate an 8-digit random string (with numbers, letters, upper and lower case) where the x’s go. This UID is stored as a field on the post data type.

When the page is loaded you can then use privacy rules to verify the user has proper access permissions to the post (if not all ate publicly visible)

Note: I use the UID prefix of “P” to identify that this is a post UID vs some other data type like a user (prefix = “U”), chat (prefix = “C”), message (prefix = “M”), etc. These are more for easier understanding of what the UID refers to if I were to see it in its own than anything else.

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Does it apply also in 1 page app or you should use 1 page for feed and 1 for post?

You’ve been given the answer already by a very established developer above, if you just keep questioning stuff and not actually testing you’re not going to get anywhere.

Here is a breakdown on the most effective way to do it.

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