Sending static page ID to current page thing

I have one page with a list of ~100 links. Each link is supposed to go to a dynamic page with accordingly different content but same layout. I want to define the link+destination itself manually via some form of unique ID.

I tried using the go-to feature and sending data via “search for x” (tried uniqueID, index, title etc.) but nothing worked - it didn’t render the right thing.


How can I tell the link/ destination page what thing to render?

Hi @richard.neb1.

Just send the Current cells supplement.

That will push the user to the page

OR if you attached a SLUG to the THING, it’ll go to the slug instead:

Also, doesn’t really matter, but for SEO and best practices you should use hyphens for spaces on URL paths, and underscore for URL parameters (like ?page=some_page and your path should be but if you wanted page as well, then

Hope this helps!

Hi @richard.neb1,

There are two ways to send data to the next page:

  1. Do a search for the supplement where unique = parent group unique ID.
  2. Directly pass the current cell’s supplement.

After passing the data, fetch it on the supplement_page using the current page supplement instead of searching for it again.

Let me know if you need any help. Thanks!

Thanks for your replies!
@GH5T I don’t have a current cell because there is no repeating group. I just want to send a static ID per link to the links destination page. Or do I need a repeating group in bubble to do this?
It seems to expect a list:

@thisRehan passing the unique ID also doesn’t seem to work:

Sorry for the noob questions, I’m new to this.

ok, complete this.

  1. Do search for supplements(unique id=1719…) first item
  2. Get data by using current page supplement on supplement_page.

Let me know if you still facing the issue.

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Yes, that worked - thank you!

I’m glad I could help you to solve your issue. Thanks!

Thanks @thisRehan for stepping in.

@richard.neb1 Sorry I didn’t realize you weren’t pulling from a RG. Glad you got it sorted.