Sending a thing to an AWS function, and have the function create a new thing with its result?

I try to send a text-thing to an AWS Lambda function. Have the AWS Lambda function do its magic, and return the result to Bubble, as a new thing.

A bit more detailed:

  • I have two temporary data types. (Send2AWS) and (FromAWSwithLove).
  • Once I add a thing to Send2AWS, the content is sent to AWS Lambda. Content = text + ID fields.
  • The function will process the information and returns newText + ID.
  • Both values should be added to FromAWSwithLove.
  • if successful, delete item in Send2AWS.


  • How to set up the Bubble API and the AWS API
  • How to sent the data from AWS lambda to Bubble? I plan to use Python 3.8 and request.put()

Your help is more than welcome. From a 101 walkthrough, video or sample code.


ps: I played around with integromat and zapier, but I try to avoid the cost of both services.
pps: Not sure if I need S3 and buckets as queue, should work without.

Also interested on this. Anyone able to help?

I ended up using and flask. Connecting both via the standard bubble API. That will do for the MVP

While supports, I wasn’t able to return the result from AWS to Bubble.