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Sending data from one popup to another on the same page

Hi all!

I’m pondering on the possibility of sending data - I’m trying to create a wizard-style user flow where the thing created on the first popup needs to be inserted into a list in the second thing created on the second popup on the same page. Preferably automatically. How would I accomplish that?


I think the sending data to group action will exactly do this. Another option is to store the thing in a custom state and keep modifying this custom state.

Ay, sending data to group did the trick. Thanks. Getting to know bubble more and more… :stuck_out_tongue:
The small issue there is that now I have to differentiate between 4 popups called Organisation and at times it’s kind of tedious…

Clicking the name of any element in the property editor should allow you to modify the element name. This should make it much easier to differentiate between elements that take in the same type of data.

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Oooooh. Nice. :slightly_smiling:

can you use hidden groups and limit them all to one popup? custom states would really help with this i think