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I’m trying to learn how to send data outside from Bubble, I’ve managed to set up a trigger in integromat which then does a call back to my data api in Bubble with an Item ID sent so it pulls back the correct item etc which seems to be working fine.

My issue is that when the data does come back, it’s showing the uniqueID of the items rather than the actual text inside the item it should so for example in property_custom_properties1 it should show the properties address but it just shows the Items Unique ID. I also can’t seem to access the data in the property reference field. Property is a single reference field from Inspections in my app.

One other major issue is that I can’t seem to see the nested data inside my arrays. I can see the initial Unique ID as above but can’t access the data inside.

Any ideas guys, I urgently need to set up some kind of PDF integration with a bubble app I’ve made. I’ve tried most of the PDF plugins but can’t get on with them.

I can pay for help so please PM me :slight_smile:

The unique ID is the item.


I get that but I was trying to work out how I can also extract that information.

What I’ve done is create another HTTP request in Integromat to do a search of my property data type where the properties unique ID is equal to the property_custom_properties and that works and I can pull the data across.

The biggest issues seems to be pulling the alarm data over.

I’ve tired to use search constraints to do a search for Alarms where the InspectionID field in the alarms datatype is equal to the Main ID where’s its linked but can’t seem to get that working :frowning:


Check with @Jici … Jean Claude is very experienced with Integromat and perhaps can help you.

Sounds like you need a complementary step or action to extract the name of the item so that you can use it in your PDF creation

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When you have nested related items and want to have data about each of them you have two options:
A) Continue to use Data API, add iterator on the list of ID, and for each ID make a new call to get each item data. But this cost 1 action each time in Integromat.
B) To reduce this, use Backend WF instead. One call can bring you all data you need. Just have to use Return data from API in Bubble.

I just noticed that Integromat had a built in search data thing which I’ve used to bring all the nested data over :slight_smile:

Only taken me 36 hours of mucking around to find it :rofl:

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Yes! Bubble is also directly available. I Found that you can customize with Backend WF more but this can also work this way. Depending on how many nested data you have, it can take less or more action to use Backend WF vs Bubble search like you do.

I’d still be interested in chatting next week when you’ve got more time Jici :slight_smile:

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