Send Data to Reusable Popup

I am creating a simple sign in app. People signing into the building can sign in on one of two pages (employee or visitor). When they submit their information, I want a notification sent to the person sitting behind the desk where they can enter what credential information they assigned to the person signing in. This notification can display on almost any page of the app, thus me using a reusable popup.

In searching for help with this topic, I found this post: Sending data to floating group from inside a reusable element

This person seems to be going where I want to go with this. I took the commenter’s advice and changed my floating group to a popup. However, when trying to use display data in a group/popup, it’s not showing my reusable popup as an option to send data.

My question is how do I send data from these two pages (employee and visitor) to this reusable popup?

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