Sending Job Work Orders to Employees

I have created a website/app to track jobs and send them to our employees that will be working on said job(construction work). I currently have it where I can post a job with all the info for it. In the data I have a field of “current job” then everything inside that is text for job name, address, etc etc. I want to be able to send the job info to the person working on the job inside the app and it show up in their list of current jobs. How can I do this? I’ve made it where I can send their “current schedule” which is just a large text box and it works. I put a text data type named “current schedule” under the user data field that comes standard with the app.

Just sharing how we did this in the 2 field service management softwares I’ve worked with. @espmusician1000

Data Types (Tables)
Users: Store users with Types: Admin / Technician / Customer etc
Jobs: All job related fields, Name / Address / Type / Date-Time etc. Also other fields like AssignedTo, Status etc.
Assigned To & Status can be dropdown boxes in the Job Details page.
Assign the jobs to the fieldworker from Admin inside job details or your job list page.

On mobile side - A Repeating Group to show all jobs filter by Active / Completed / In Progress etc.

Simpler you keep it its better to manage.
Hope this helps.

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How do I assign the job to a worker?

Your app has an Admin side correct?
Thats where the Admin sees a list of all the jobs that have come in.
The Admin assigns these to the fieldworker.

Yes, I understand that part of it and have most of it set up. I’m trying to understand how to set up the workflow/data part of it.
Currently I have this:

I create a new job post on my website. When I do this, in the data it creates a new “current job”
-Job Name
-Job Images
-Equipment needed

So then in my Current Jobs page I have a list of all the jobs. When I have the Job Info page open, I want the option to assign that job to an employee. I need each employee to only see their list of assigned jobs and no one else’s. I have the roles set up, as well as the different parts of the website depending on your role.

I’m having trouble figuring out how to set the workflow and data to be able to assign/send the job and all it’s included information to someone and them be able to see it.

To explain a little further in what I have done:
I have a data type text under the User data field called “schedule”. Each person has their own schedule we send them and it works. Only an Admin can edit it, but they can view it. This “schedule” is just a large text input box on the page. When I click save, on the workflow it’s set to change the selected user’s “schedule” data.

I say this because I tried sharing the job info in the same way, but has no success. I need to further understand how to set up the workflow. I can further explain and answer any questions if needed. Thank you

In the Job Info Page:
Have a drop down field for Employee.
Choose the Employee you want to assign to.
This field should be Auto Bind to your tables field. (Enable Auto bind is available in the fields property window - Appearance tab)
That way the job is auto assign to your chosen Employee - No workflow needed!

Showing only Employees job on mobile side:
On the mobile side Repeating Group set a constraint that only jobs whose Employee fields matches the current user are shown.

Auto Bind is new to me. I just watched several videos and I’m having trouble understanding how to set it up as you’ve explained. I got the drop down list of users(employees) and I enabled the auto bind on the list, but under fields to modify it gives me no choices. Is there something I’m supposed to set up along with this in the data?

The group and the page this dropdown is on should have a content type setup.
Content type will be the table / data type this field should auto bind to.

Let me know if still any issues and we can hop on a quick skype call to sort this.

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I finally got it. Thank you so much for helping! Auto binding was new to me so I had to watch a lot of videos and keep trying, but I got it working like I wanted

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Glad it worked!
Let me know if you need any assistance with Support & Success side of Field service management. Done that for 7 years!

Happy to help.

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